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The kids of Nyungwe Bird Club

January 1, 2014

Some of you may remember last August at the British Birdfair, when Marje Hemp & Callan Cohen of Birding Africa hosted a presentation of binoculars and East African field Guides to Narcisse Ndayambaje. (Click on this blog)

Narcisse is a specialist bird guide who set up the Nyungwe Kids Birdwatching Club five years ago.

He wanted train the guides of the future, so they could make their own sustainable income. And he wanted to prompt the local community to conserve and protect their forest.

Narcisse does this out of his generosity and passion for birds and education.

On Boxing Day, Marje and Jonathan Hemp met Narcisse Ndayambaje and 18 members of the club at the Gisakura Guesthouse to find out how they were getting along.

These excited young birders arrived kitted out with their backpacks, binoculars and East African field guides and keen to go on a bird outing.

Narcisse quickly arranged with the Nyungwe Park Manager so the group could join Marje and Jonathan on a field trip to Kamiranzovu Marsh.

They hired a taxi from the local village for a great afternoon birding at Nyungwe. This is Rwanda’s world famous montane forest with 26 Albertine Rift specials.
Red-faced Woodland Warbler (c) Narcisse Ndayambaje

The kids had to come to terms with difficult words: Cinnamon Bracken Warbler, Grauer’s Rush Warbler, Ruwenzori Batis and Mountain Masked Apalis! And they recorded these sightings in their notebooks.

Guided by the ever patient Narcisse, they could observe these birds from the hide. What a great afternoon!

Thanks to the RSPB and African Bird Club who sponsored the binoculars and Nigel Redman for the East African Field guides. The club members very much appreciate these items.

Their dearest wish now is to visit other national parks in Rwanda such as Akagera and Volcanoes.

To like the bird club on Facebook, please visit

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