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Cape Town trip report: Cape Rock-jumper!

March 6, 2012

Birding Africa guide Tertius Gous has just guided Julia and Brett on an exciting day trip from Cape Town to Betty’s Bay. “We had Cape Rock-jumpers at our feet until we had to leave. The best encounter I have had in a long time! We also witnessed the male catching and devouring a Cape Dwarf Chameleon and I saw a Klipspringer there for the first time (see both photographs below). It was also great to watch the African Penguins at Stony point, and share lots of interesting info on the colony as I go there regularly to study the penguins and cormorants for my own pleasure. We had a memorable day and Julia and Brett were a pleasure to guide!

Top birds that day included Cape Grassbird, Cape Sugarbird, Orange-breasted Sunbird, Olive Woodpecker, Swee Waxbill, African Dusky Flycatcher, African Penguin, Cape Gannet and all five possible cormorant species. Mammal and reptiles included Rock Hyrax, Klipspringer, Cape Dwarf Chameleon (caught by this Cape Rock-jumper!), Southern Rock Agama and Cape Girdled Lizard. have a look at the exciting trip report and photographs.

Join a Cape Town day trip; contact us at or +27 21 531 9148.

Cape Rock-jumpers eat mainly arthropods, but also some amphibians and reptiles – such as this one devouring a Cape Dwarf Chameleon! They are endemic to South Africa © Tertius Gous

Setaria megaphylla (Broad-leafed bristle Grass) is one of the key grass seeds eaten by Swee Waxbill, here photographed on this Birding Africa day trip. Swee Waxbill is endemic to Southern Africa © Tertius Gous

This Cape Grassbird, another Southern Africa endemic, perched beautifully on this Birding Africa day trip © Tertius Gous

Klipspringer defend their territory in pairs – here standing high on top of a look-out during our Birding Africa day trip © Tertius Gous

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  1. March 24, 2012 5:58 pm

    Beautiful and informative.

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