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Cape Birds & Flowers: Trip update 2

August 11, 2010

Black Harrier © Keith Offord

Black Harrier © Keith Offord

After targeting the Cape Peninsula, our Cape Birds & Flowers tour headed on to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and West Coast National Park. Callan reports: ” We had amazing close-up views of the elegant Black Harrier, our logo bird”. Their fynbos habitat is drastically declining and while less than 1000 birds remain, fewer than 100 occur in protected areas such as the West Coast National Park. Today, the tour continued to Velddrif and found specials such as Cape Long-billed Lark. As soon as Callan can get an internet connection, he will post some more pictures, so check again soon.

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To see pictures from last year’s Cape Birds & Flowers trip, click here.

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